About Us


Engenium Engineering is a prosperous full-service company with expertise in civil engineering, landscape architecture, and land surveying. We're passionate about providing modern and practical solutions to our clients. The scope of our company is wide and continues to grow with every project we complete. And while the three core areas of our expertise are civil engineering, landscape architecture, and land surveying, we also provide an extensive amount of services that support these three broad areas. From a commercial site, water treatment options, to a city park or recreational trail, we are ready to help. View our services here.


At Engenium Engineering, we understand that the quality of our workers is what makes us the trusted company we are today. Without our experienced and passionate workers, we wouldn't be who we are today. We are one of the nations longest operating engineering firms because of people like you. We're always looking to grow our team. If you're ready to join us in building better communities and improving lives, contact us today!